Prototype Infill house

Prototype Infill House

Prototype Infill House


Infill House – Completing the Community Fabric


Project Description:


The three-story urban infill house is located on a small interior restricted site and takes unique advantage of its context.


Bracketed by four two story street facing houses the 1,353 s.f. project rises toward the daylight and morphs to respond to views, circulation and space. The first level garage and entry allow the living spaces to be stacked above. Circulation abuts side yard setbacks and allows living spaces to maximize interior courtyard views. The vertical orientation of the house puts the third level above the surrounding tree canopy. Views are defined by frame, direction and natural light. The simple plastered core form gives way to metal cladding – walls become roofs, corners become singular and memorable.


The infill house can be adapted to a variety of restricted sites. Under used parcels within an established well-functioning neighborhood it can become assets to these communities by improving appropriate densities, expanding the tax base and ensuring the long-term viability of the urban core.