Dennehy Architects was founded in Fort Worth in 1993 and has since grown to become an award winning
architectural practice. Ranked by the Fort Worth Business Press as the eleventh largest architectural firm in the city, Dennehy currently employs a staff of four and is located near Texas Christian University in the University

While the circumstances of the work changes, our interests remain constant. We continuously explore the depth of the discipline, strategies of composition and the wonders of situation.

We believe that the design process is an art. Explorative layers of information and detail combine creative solutions, organization and technology into a unified whole. Our design philosophy is grounded in a belief in the power of dialogue and relationships. Our goal is to create innovative architecture which elevates the dialogue, the dynamic interplay between subject and situation.

Dennehy’s success is also attributed to its talented staff and project approach. The same team of individuals involved in the initial programming and feasibility
studies also produce the design and construction drawings, and leads the project’s contract administration. This concept personifies the client service unique to a small vibrant firm.